"Spiritual Starter Kit: Magick, Healing, and Manifestation Essentials"

"Spiritual Starter Kit: Magick, Healing, and Manifestation Essentials"

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This comprehensive starter kit is perfect for those who are beginning a spiritual journey, those intrigued by (and ready to dabble in!) magick, or spiritual veterans who are recommitting to a journey of healing, manifestation, and protection.

Using the earthbound, wild-crafted items within this kit will connect you to ancestral wisdom and help guide you toward energetic manifestation. We’ve removed the guess work for you by providing items from all elements (fire, earth, air, and water), ensuring your altar space will be balanced, grounded, and ready for magick!

Limited Edition Beautiful Keepsake Cherry Wood Box!

Protect and pamper yourself (you deserve it!) with the following sacred items:

-Aromatherapy Meditation Candle – This is a non-GMO soy wax candle made with a delightful blend of essential oils (Frankincense, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Pery Balsam, Lavender, and Sandalwood); great for quieting a busy mind and transitioning into a meditative state.

-Protection Soul Spray – A potent essential oil blend (Cedarwood, Rose Geranium, Black Pepper, Vetiver, Frankincense, and Juniper), this soul spray will clear and protect your sacred space.

-Sage Stick – Burning sage (referred to as “smudging”) will clear you, your space, your loved ones, and even your pets of stagnant and lower-vibrating energies.

-Abalone Shell – This smudge bowl holds your sage in between and during uses.

-Bell – A bell is a great tool to “bookend” your meditation practice, utilizing sound to establish a clear starting and ending point.

-Bath Salt – Bathing with these salts helps the body to detox on a spiritual, energetic, and physical level. These are great to use if you’re in a funk, have had a rough week, or are an empath needing to ground back into your own reality.

-Orgonite – Made with resins, metals, and ground gemstones, Orgonite strengthens the body’s energy field and repels negative energy.

-Wand – Wands direct your energy flow, assisting in refining one’s focus and intention.

-Key – This charm is a great addition to any altar space, as it signifies our willingness to open a new door.

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