Monique Ana

Monique Ana is the creator of AllTimeHealing an online course created to assist survivors of trauma as they navigate their healing process. This course helps survivors chart a long term plan for taking responsibility & actively participating in their healing process. A multi-modal therapy program is the key to life changing healing. Foundational aspects of the course create reference points that will help survivors shift and grow as they move through the spiral path of healing.

Monique Ana was born into the Children of God, an international cult, the eldest of 13 siblings. She lived a transient life, traveling the world being labor trafficked, and much more. Leaving the cult at 19 years old, with her two-week old baby girl, she immediately started on an education path.

Being able to access therapy programs and self-care, she successfully completed a 17 year career in the biopharmaceutical industry & graduated from University Of Redlands with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management focused on Industry Analysis. She worked as the National Director of Sales & an Executive Analyst working with the C-Level.

Monique Ana is the Founder and Executive Director of Victory Garden Sanctuary, a Center for Excellence, a 501c3 collaborative program, providing opportunities for healing for those escaping human trafficking, domestic violence and cults. She became an artist to express her spiritual path & uses it as meditation to creatively think.

She knows this formula will help survivors access their own internal guidance system, so they begin to gain clarity on their personal paths towards freedom.